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Indigenous youth become entrepreneurs

Young people in Guatemala learn how to take their products to market

Coffee soap and banana flour are just some of the intriguing products that 14 young indigenous Q’eqchi and Poqomchi entrepreneurs are working to bring to market in the Verapaces region of Guatemala. The Rainforest Alliance recently had the pleasure of working with these inspiring young people on launching their own businesses; we provided enterprise training and mentorship, and connected the young entrepreneurs with a local university, Universidad Rafael Landívar, for additional mentorship. These young people are part of FEDECOVERA, a federation of cooperatives in the region made of 25,000 families that produce everything from cardamom to coffee to essential oils and cocoa (the federation is the first exporter of organic cardamom in the world). FEDECOVERA has a robust youth program that the Rainforest Alliance was pleased to support here as part of the Rainforest Alliance-led Climate, Nature and Communities of Guatemala program (CNCG).

Check out some of these young entrepreneurs and hear about the products they are working so hard to bring to market.



Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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