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Stakeholder Feedback


All stakeholders can continuously comment on our agriculture certification standards and criteria, as well as constructively comment on the draft versions of new standards or additional crop criteria in development during public consultation periods. Our public consultation process includes outreach to stakeholders via local workshops or to stakeholders whom we contact directly requesting feedback.

We also invite farm owners and managers and other stakeholders to join working groups that develop guidance indicators that interpret the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) standards for local conditions and specific crops.

The Rainforest Alliance and the SAN have formed the International Standards Committee, whose members are landowners, farmers, NGOs, community members, researchers, technicians and other stakeholders interested in improving SAN standards. The committee welcomes comments from the public sent to


As part of initial audits, or assessments, auditors solicit public feedback on candidate operations, by collecting public comments via mailed questionnaires, individual interviews and public meetings. If you are interested in participating in this process, please see the list of ongoing assessments, which provides additional information on how to submit your input.

Stakeholders may submit appeals or complaints about a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)/ Rainforest Alliance Certified™ operation that they believe may not be in compliance with the FSC; read how this is done.

Public summaries of forest management assessments are available in PDF. This allows all interested parties to review the decision-making process that resulted in the certification.

Strategy to Strengthen Human Rights

Based on independent assessments and stakeholder feedback, the Rainforest Alliance and Sustainable Agriculture Network are strengthening how we ensure worker protection. Learn more about our strategy.

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