Tips for Hosting an Event



Choose a type of event or activity

There are many different types of events and activities that you can host to spread the word about the Rainforest Alliance and sustainable sourcing! Be creative and practical by coming up with event ideas that are feasible within personal and campus constraints. What type of event would other students be interested in attending? An ultimate Frisbee game? A soccer tournament? A coffee/chocolate tasting? A trivia night? Or even just an informational slide show? How can you connect the event to sustainable sourcing?

Once you’ve come up with an idea, choose a venue, and list equipment and other resources you would need for the event like a projector, Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products, trivia questions, a Frisbee, etc.

If you can feasibly access these materials, and the event seems like it would be a success, then go for it! Start gathering materials and booking the venue!

Below are a few event ideas to help get you started.

  • Coffee/chocolate tasting

    Coffee and chocolate are more than delicious treats. The beans used to make these products provide an essential source of income for millions of farmers and workers around the globe. Sustainably-managed Rainforest Alliance Certified farms not only ensure good conditions for workers and families, they also protect sensitive ecosystems. And because Rainforest Alliance Certified products can earn a price premium, farmers have the economic incentive to farm sustainably.

    Invite your friends to enjoy a cup of joe or variety of chocolates and learn a bit about sustainable farming too, by hosting a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee or chocolate tasting.

    Click here for hosting tips and talking points.

  • Trivia night at a local bar/coffee shop

    Learning about the environment and sustainability doesn’t have to feel like homework. Take the Rainforest Alliance Trivia Challenge and consider using it for your next club or residence life activity. The questions are not only fun, they demonstrate the importance of healthy forest ecosystems, describe environmental threats and offer viable solutions.

    Click here for hosting tips and trivia questions and answers.

  • Informational slide show/presentation

    Have representatives from many sectors, so you can promote collaboration. For example, invite business, environmental and human rights advocates.

  • Support an athletic game

    Does your college football/basketball/other team have a big game coming up? Ask the team to support your work in raising awareness of environmental issues! They can Adopt-A-Rainforest, and perhaps you can give have a mini-presentation during half-time. You can also hand out flyers and information as people are leaving the stadium/court.

  • Show an environmental-themed film and/or invite an environmental activist to speak.

    Movie ideas with environmental themes: The Lorax, Baraka, Wall-E, Fern and Gully, Chasing Ice, The Inconvenient Truth, etc. Ticket sales and donations can also support Adopt-A-Rainforest projects.

  • Have a bake sale

    Grab some buddies and bake some goods using products that carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal. Set up a table on campus to sell your baked goods and hand out information about the certified contents.

  • Host a sustainable food challenge

    Challenge your peers to eat sustainably for a week. At the end of the week, get together and discuss what you ate during the week and what about it made it sustainable.

  • Host a sustainability swap

    Got books, clothes, or dorm items you no longer need? Swap with a friend!

Engage student organizations or a group of friends to help with planning

Invite campus student groups (e.g. environmental and sustainability clubs), or a group of friends to co-sponsor the event and help with planning. This will relieve you of some of the organizing burden, make the process more fun, and increase student participation.

Develop a marketing strategy, event timeline and materials.

Use those creative juices to come up with effective marketing ideas. They can be elaborate or simple based on your resources! Make a Facebook event and encourage your friends to invite people; tweet about it and ask your friends to re-tweet; have your campus marketing/design club create flyers and posters for you and set up a table on the quad; present at fraternity and sorority chapter meetings; use Rainforest Alliance multimedia; advertise in your school newspaper; offer incentives for students to participate (e.g. chocolate samples, raffle prizes, etc.).

Keep regular communication with planners and stick to your schedule and timeline.

Stay organized. Make a spreadsheet or a list of materials needed, as well as a timeline of tasks to be completed. Make sure that you are communicating well with people who are helping you: give them advance notice of deadlines, and make sure they understand the purpose and goal of the event.

Remember that a little bit goes a long way!

Whether you impact 3 people or 3000, you are making a difference and are contributing to an important dialogue on sustainability and environmental issues. As long as you are organized, are having fun and are conveying your passion for these issues, your event will be a success.




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