COVID-19: Here’s How We Can Respond

As we navigate the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to recognize how we are all interconnected. This moment calls on each of us to take care of one another.

Just as the health of the land is inextricably connected to the well-being of those who depend on it, we are inseparable from our communities––no matter the distance.

In times of crisis, it’s hard to know how to respond. Here are our suggestions on some things you can do right now:

  • Water seeds of calm: Dealing with anxiety constructively will ultimately improve your decision-making and make those around you feel better. Our Forest Zen video series is a good visual + audio resource for meditation.
  • Respect the call for social distancing: Cancel non-essential travel and large events, and work from home if at all possible (that’s what our staff is doing). This WILL save lives!
  • Stay connected: Call your friends (with video, if possible) and catch up on long-overdue conversations. Check on your elderly neighbors (from a safe distance) to see if they need supplies. Try hosting a “virtual dinner party” with friends near and far using Facetime or teleconferencing software.
  • Share information and community resources: share (or create) crowdsourced resources on local childcare swaps/coop, food pantries for those who are food-insecure, and emergency grants for freelancers or contract workers whose gigs have been canceled. This list for US freelance artists is a great example.
  • Keep up the fight: we’re seeing new evidence all the time about the link between deforestation and the emergence of new strains of deadly viruses. Now is the time to recommit to taking action to stop deforestation.

For more than three decades, the Rainforest Alliance has built a global community inspired by a common cause to accomplish great transformation. 

When we come together, even from afar, we are a powerful force for change.



Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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