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Manu Learning Centre

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Manu Learning Centre is a pioneer Peruvian company runs in the heart of Manu rainforest, the most biodiverse place on Earth, to discover the nature and culture of the Peruvian Amazon. The focus is to provide experiential learning and educational travel with a unique insight, which facilitates the finest authentic experience in a Natural National Park through tourism. The operational activities involve local people, international volunteers, local students and eco tourists.

Located in the Manu Biosphere Reserve, the Manu Learning Centre offers the possibility to explore how the tropical rainforest has been regenerating for itself for the last 30 years, after 50 years of human intervention. The lodge has been established within the 643 hectares owned by the company and houses several endemic and exotic species that return to the land that always belonged to them, such as mammals, insects, birds, amphibians and reptiles. In this tropical rainforest of the Amazon, visitors can make breath-taking walks to spot, feel and understand the special behaviour and the symbiosis of the Amazonian species. Visitors can appreciate wildlife in its nature home, like the jaguar, anaconda, harpy eagle, black caiman, giant river otter, species of monkeys, great diversity of frogs and much more!



Manu Learning Centre offers a unique and inspiring experience in the Manu Biosphere Reserve that will change the visitors' perceptions and transform their life, demonstrating the true meaning of ecotourism. The Manu Learning Centre has 12 rooms and capacity for 36 guests. Visitors can choose from single, double and triple rooms according of their needs. Manu Learning Centre also offers vegan/vegetarian/regular option, all these options are available.

Number of rooms: 12
Number of beds: 36

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Crees Foundation, parent organization of Manu Learning Centre (MLC), was founded over a decade ago and is a non-profit Peruvian non-governmental organization that works to reduce poverty and protect biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest, specifically, in the Manu Biosphere Reserve, located in the south east of Peru. Crees Foundation has as its place of operations the MLC, a research and educational hub, that hosts visitors from across the world. It's an immersive, inspiring experience where visitors discover what can be achieved through biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, while directly contributing to our conservation and community projects, such as:

  • Monitoring programme in different stages of forest regeneration of macaws, butterflies, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, and the forest itself.
  • Bio-indicators project
  • Biogardens
  • Agroforestry
  • Capacity building

This has allowed Crees Foundation to work continuously with the local communities and the conservation of the Manu National Park. The MLC protects regenerating rainforests to provide a haven for rare and endangered wildlife. It's home to scientists, conservationists, volunteers and visitors from across the world – brought together for their love of the Manu rainforest and their passion to protect it. This is the front line of conservation. The organization supports 23 agroforestry plots so that farmers can adopt sustainable agricultural practices on 61 hectares of land. Also, there were created 19 biogardens so that families can improve their health and wealth, as well as, planted over 30,000 native trees.

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