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Now Garden Punta Cana

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Surrounded by lush tropical gardens and a short distance (2,500 feet) from Bávaro Beach, Now Garden Punta Cana offers you a modern, family-friendly vacation experience, where games and parties are only a few steps away from peace and quiet.

We work under the Unlimited-Luxury concept, where everything is included–this means you do not have to worry about anything, no reservations are needed in the a la carte restaurants of Now Garden, or in our neighboring Now Larimar hotels. Guests have full access to Now Larimar and can enjoy its restaurants. Alternatively, they can stay in the room and order food services, available 24 hours. Unlimited premium spirits are served in ten bars and lounges at Now Garden and Now Larimar while you enjoy the beach, pool, casino, and discotheque.



Now Garden offers 180 rooms, ideal for families. Each room has a king-size bed or two double beds and a private balcony or terrace, and some rooms have a private hot tub on the terrace:

  • Deluxe Garden View - located in the quietest part of the hotel, just a few minutes from the beach. This room has stylish, modern, Caribbean style décor with views of the tropical gardens.
  • Deluxe Garden Pool View - these rooms overlook the pool and tropical gardens and are elegantly decorated in a modern Caribbean style and feature luxury amenities. These rooms are located on the first and second floors.
  • Deluxe Garden Swim - these rooms have views of the tropical garden, direct access to the pool from the main terrace, and modern tropical decor.
  • Connecting Rooms - we have 12 pairs of connecting "Deluxe Garden View" rooms and seven pairs of connecting "Deluxe Garden View Swim up" rooms. Each pair has one room with a double bed and the other room with two double beds. Connecting rooms must be requested and are subject to availability and upon request.

Making a Difference:

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  • We donate linens, school supplies, clothing, food, and other items to various organizations, and help funnel other donations from guests to the community of Cajuil, Infancia Sin Fronteras, the nursing home, and the Cortesito and Cabeza de Toro Navy.
  • We promote a code of conduct that advises tourists to go sightseeing in the area, support the community, and avoid damaging natural and cultural resources and attractions.
  • We are adhere to the “ECPAT Code” and our hotel is managed under a code of conduct to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  • We conduct guest and employee satisfaction surveys to identify areas of opportunity.
  • We have quality standards for services and hygiene in order to ensure guest satisfaction and the safety of the foods they eat.
  • We have bins for sorting wastes in all our areas for both customers and employees, and we dispose of wastes properly.
  • We have a classification system and appropriate disposal procedure for hazardous toxic wastes.
  • We have devices and equipment for efficient energy use and reduced water consumption.
  • We carry out clean-up operations inside and outside the hotel.
  • We have an extensive education program for sustainability. We take advantage of important dates and carry out activities with customers, employees, and the community. These activities are announced by the entertainment staff to the guests and on social media. We also have workshops on current environmental and social issues.
  • We give talks on climate change that include resource stewardship aspects for meeting our future needs and to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.
Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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