Alex Morgan

Chief Markets Officer

Alex Morgan is the Chief Markets Officer for the Rainforest Alliance. He leads a global team that works with companies across the agriculture and forestry sectors to develop and execute sustainable sourcing programs, including certification, tailored programs, and beyond.

Alex manages the cultivation of new business relationships and oversees existing client relationships, looking to broaden and deepen each company’s commitment to sustainable supply chains. Beyond the execution of these commitments, he and his team work with businesses to maximize their impacts in the field, better understand their supply chains, and to credibly communicate and market the impacts of their work. He is actively involved across the Rainforest Alliance in our work with external stakeholders including the NGO community, government agencies, and activist groups.

Alex has worked for the Rainforest Alliance for twelve years and is based remotely. He previously worked for Seattle Audubon, U.S. Senator Cantwell, and other regional non-profit organizations in the Seattle area. He has studied and worked in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Madagascar and is inspired by the people he meets around the world who are driving conservation and livelihood improvements on the ground. Alex serves on the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Sustainability Council and, as an avid backcountry skier, previously served on the Board of the Northwest Avalanche Center.

Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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