Daan de Vries

Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

Daan is Chief Innovation and Technology Officer of the Rainforest Alliance since its merger with UTZ. He leads innovation of the organization’s programs and systems to boost their value and impact, and the cultural and organizational change needed for innovation. He also oversees information technology, including innovative uses of digital technology for sustainable agriculture and forestry.

Daan has worked on sustainable agri-food and timber supply chains for over 15 years. He joined UTZ in 2007 and pioneered the UTZ cocoa program, which has become the largest sustainability program for cocoa worldwide. He also initiated the UTZ hazelnut program and the First Mile program for smallholder digitization. Before UTZ, he worked in sustainability and strategy consulting, a timber trade group and an internet start-up. Daan holds an MBA from INSEAD and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Delft University of Technology.

Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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